The Journey to Spiritual Freedom


Today is one of those perfect days living in Arizona. The kind that we wake up, stretch like lazy cats, be thankful for the beauty this day is going to be, and exclaim “It’s a great day!”

It took Rick and I several years to catch on everyday is like this. Our morning exclamation has now turned into “It’s good to be in Arizona!” Thankfully we have months of 110 plus temps that keep our state from becoming standing room only. After 12 years it is our state and yes, we’ve become like the natives who cringe when it’s snow bird season. The streets, the stores, the restaurants become full of slow people. However, we’ve learned that after 7pm it’s safe for the kids – us at 50 – to come out and play. There is always a work-around.

This warm sunshine on my face day is one of those days, too, that makes my heart yearn for what I really want – the kind of peace that comes from floating down a long lazy river. You know, the slow, quiet, not a care in the world kind of day.

I’ve been on a quest to float for a few years now. Not the river, we do have rivers in the desert with water in them, so we get to do that now and again. We also have washes, but they don’t have water except for the awesome time we call Monsoon season. There will be posts on that coming soon, I’m sure.

My idea to float came to me while meditating on my intention for the coming New Year a few years ago, I guess that would have been 2014. I love January’s, Monday’s, 1st’s, and 5am’s because they are shiny brand new beginnings. At first Rick was confused about how he was going to give me that. Float?! But then, as it usually works out, he let me go to figure out my own path, my own way.

But even I didn’t know what float meant, I just knew it meant peace. I knew for me it meant I wanted to walk among the wheat fields, like Jesus did with his disciples so long ago. The story handed down for centuries is that Jesus loved, and laughed, and genuinely lived in the peace of knowing who he was. While I may have out grown the story, I still yearn for the peace it represents.

I want that. The peace of knowing who I am.

Sunshine, peace, joy, solitude, love, connections with other people (Ha! Can those all be in the same sentence?) are the things that drive my desire to float, to not be tied to the cares of this world, to live each day as the only day I got. I want to be free of the things that don’t support my point of view, my P.O.V.

My P.O.V. I love this. It became a normal catch phrase a few years ago when Rick and I were in our “Food Network Star” binge watching phase – just one of the many phases of life that connect a husband and wife late at night after a day of busy. “Better Call Saul” is our current connecting point. Awe, love that show.

Anyway, P.O.V. – we’d use it when we were tired and wanted the other to just get to the point. As in, “What’s your point of view?” was asked instead of “Do you have a point to this long story?” We would pretend the pretense to be nice was working so we could quietly go to bed and not jeopardize tomorrow’s beautiful Arizona day.

And by now you may be wondering when I’m going to get to the point. Me too. And I think the point may be there is no point and that’s my P.O.V. A long lazy river that goes on forever. A wheat field on a sunshine filled day that never ends. 

inargural post pic on beach" width="300"/>Rick and I have been planning a new, and most likely the last, phase of our lives. We are selling all we own and buying a 5th wheel toy hauler we’ve named Freedom. We are going to be traveling in order to spend time with our family spread out across the United States. The goal is to spend the last of our years enjoying all the goodness people and places have to offer. Migrating with the weather. Playing cribbage on the patio, teaching mediation and peace to anyone who wants to learn. Getting into the minds of those who share the same passionate point of view – the desire to float, to be free of the busy-ness of this life. Being part of a movement that embraces freedom of thought, that knows Anyone Can See freedom is at hand and nothing really matters.

We are on a journey to spiritual freedom and want to include anyone who wants to come along. Rick and I are so thankful for the mentors and friends we have who encourage us and help to shape the course of our lives.

We know that at times we will challenge people and the known way of doing life, but we are driven by an inner calling that cries out to be set free.spiritual freedom" width="300"/>

As our 13 year old tattoos state, 

Longingly waited, until God in His wisdom, set me free in you,

our goal, our desire, our P.O.V. on life is to be set free in others, to climb
inside you and experience life to it’s fullest.