Journey With Us

 We are all on a journey together. Julie and I have journeyed for some time in a lot of ways. We have lived a marriage journey, a step parenting journey, college/career journey, a journey from Idaho to Arizona, the recovery journey, a spiritual journey, and, now that we've decided to write about our journeys, perhaps the most crazy journey is just building a website to … [Read more...] 

Choosing Our RV (Part I)

 I don't know the first damn thing about choosing an RV. Did you know RV's appear to be universally referred to as coaches? That's new to me. I keep saying trailer. Apparently a trailer is something you put stuff on to haul somewhere. Since we're hooking our house to a truck and loading the Harley in order to tow it, and us, about the country, it's a trailer! No... They … [Read more...] 

The Goal is Freedom

 Did it start with a good idea or an empty nest? Sometimes (most times), I don’t know why I do the things I do. In the moment of passionate thought, a good idea will spring from nowhere. Or so it seems. Sometimes the good idea also appears to go nowhere. Or so it seems. How do I really know if my good idea is supposed to go anywhere? And does it really matter? Following … [Read more...]