Journey With Us

We are all on a journey together


Julie and I have journeyed for some time in a lot of ways. We have lived a marriage journey, a step parenting journey, college/career journey, a journey from Idaho to Arizona, the recovery journey, a spiritual journey, and, now that we’ve decided to write about our journeys, perhaps the most crazy journey is just building a website to chronicle all these journeys! Yikes.

A Journey is a LOT of work! Meh, not really. It’s amazing how doing something you love doesn’t feel like work.

As I attempt to predict what it is she wants me to write for this opening post for today, she’s busy going over the website for a final check. I laugh because her sighs tell me she’s catching something she’s missed. I laugh quietly, of course.

In order to ensure that what we deliver is something of value, it takes hours of writing and html-ing. Actually countless hours. We have been working with an awesome couple who roam the states in an RV known as RV Wanderlust.

Building something requires foresight, wisdom, and energy. We aren’t merely building a website but also a new life, one we invite you to walk with us. You may even choose to write with us, or connect in other ways with us.

Who We All Are


Rob Bell says nobody’s interested in who you’re not.
All of us are interesting enough in who we ARE;
every human story is fascinating. We are spiritual goofballs, lovers of life and each other, and enthusiastic about the Mystery that shines light through us and holds all of life together.

We are helpers, leaders, teachers, guides, we are also receivers of help, followers, and students.
Julie loves to say her job is to shine back your light, like a mirror.

As the kids packed up and went away, too far away, we realized these adults we launched are people we want to hang with. Since they are dispersed, we are dispersing.

The house and several decades of keepsakes has to go, so we can move into a mobilized domicile of the recreational vehicle sort.
At some point down the road this new, much smaller home with wheels will hit the road. We’ll bring along our hearts and our meditation mats and share some Tao, some Buddha, some Jesus, some smoked brisket, and mostly time and space where we will hold your heart in love, peace, and joy.

We have some ideas about how all this might look in action and mostly that means having no idea, and going with the flow.
As the weeks count down to the day we pull out (April 3o, 2018), we will be creating a new journey, a new work of art.

We invite you to poke around in our blog, share with friends, work with us in one way or another, and keep coming back. We’ll do our best to make it worth your while. At the very least we will provide some entertainment value of the crazy kind.