About Anyone Can See

Who We Are


We are Rick and Julie Westby–just  a couple of spiritual geeks loving life. We are professional counselors, life coaches, case managers, in short, helpers of people.

We live in Spirit and have spent years in addiction recovery and spiritual seeking. From the rooms of various 12-step fellowships, to seats in several churches and on a variety of meditation cushions, we continue to grow and change, awakening and actualizing.

We are both intensely and intentionally spiritual, transparent, and excited about life. In fact IN LOVE with life and all that it brings us. If nothing really matters, then it is ALL joy. Even that which initially stings. We believe there are no mistakes, everything and everyone is perfect, we are all one and of One, and there is life after our human experience….

What makes our hearts sing? Helping others see the miracle nothing is that big of a deal, nothing really matters and anyone can see this truth and be set free by it.

What Happened

We woke up one morning and said, “Crap!” Our children, who we’d raised to be people we want to hang out with, had escaped Arizona and gone elsewhere to live and love.

So we thought, “Why can’t we? Can we create a lifestyle and meet them where they’re at?”

Because of the rapid pace at which we work, by that afternoon we’d ‘loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly’–in our minds at least!

While ‘swimming pools and movie stars’ may not be on the agenda, our family and the sights of America and a new, nomadic life, most definitely are….We are currently building our life toward an April 2018 (or sooner!) launch and invite you to come along for the ride.

Where We Are Going

 Our plan: sell the homestead, minimize, and become RV nomads, traveling the United States, staying warm, moving from town to town, enjoying culture and people, working along the way, sharing our experience, strength and hope. Oh! And we might remember to visit our kiddos! 

What We Are Doing


We currently operate a thriving brick and mortar private counseling practice where we provide addiction counseling, probation and DUI services, relationship coaching, and more. We help others, at a reasonable cost, deal with life issues that seem too hard to bear alone. We help develop individual roadmaps to set people free from stuck points in life.

We are currently building a mobile platform for our practice, so we can take what we love to do on the road with us. We intend to get into relationship as we go, sharing love and joy with others, that they may live in their own love and joy and playfully approach life from within their own gifts. We thrive on finding the often unseen light in others, helping reveal it, and reveling in it with them.

Stay tuned; we will soon be ready to go live online!